Help Yourself First

Yes, you should be polite to your guests by letting them help themselves first. Well, the news is that if you decided to become a marketer or graphic designer, you would hurt your guests, a.k.a. the audience, by doing that.

This morning I went to Starbucks for my traditional tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte and noticed that one of the baristas behind the counter was walking around offering her co-workers a cup of coffee from a tray. Everybody took one. From the
perspective of a customer waiting for her coffee on the other side of the counter, it was a sweet scene. As a customer, I expect the barista behind the counter to know about the coffee I’m buying, and what better way to do that than by actually tasting it.

Many food retailers with employees under the minimum wage feed their staff with a meal
for free only if they are in for a shift longer than 4 hours or so. But how many of them actually let their employees try everything in the menu just so they become the well-informed experts on the product?
The question is, how many times have you tried to experience what your audience is experiencing from your organization? How many times have to stepped on the opposite side of the counter? For example, try mailing that postcard you just sent out to yourself, or try registering for that event you are putting together, or try browsing through that magazine you just placed and ad in.
You have heard a lot about user experience lately, but that shouldn't be new to digital interactive experiences only. Customer experience, recipient experience, client experience, etc. applies to everything you do in relation to your audience.
Knowing that the brand experience is in every touch point your customers have with your product or service, helping yourself first is one simple thing you can do to improve it.