Move Great Ideas Forward

I just came across a project with a "pre-established" budget. It sounds ideal since you want to have  control over your expenses. How much is the "pre-established" budget holding you back from moving your best idea forward, however? You don't want to seem out of touch by proposing that crazy idea that's out of the budget, but at the same time you don't want your client to miss out on the opportunity of seeing your great idea. That doesn't seem fair for anybody: the client, the audience, or yourself. And you know that that great idea will resonate better than what was previously done! You believe that it's your role and even more so your ethical responsibility as a professional marketer or designer to present that great idea.

So, my advise to you is don't shy away. In my own experience I've heard clients saying "this is all [money] we've got" but once they see the great idea presented, they search for funds to do the extra investment from wherever they could possibly find it. An immense opportunity has been unveiled! Your selling skills and your determination that that great idea meets the ultimate goal is what will open the doors to bigger budgets!

So here are 5 quick tips to get those budget doors open:

1. Don't shy away from budgets but understand them. Budgets are established, but they have cushions. Those cushions can be invested in a good way!

2. Don't shy away from "that's how it's been done before". You know better and you have higher expectations because you know your material. So phrases like that should not stop a marketer or designer from proposing new ideas.

3. Know the organization's culture so that you can navigate through it. Learn who the decision maker is, learn about how s/he thinks and start conversations.

4. Know your audience. You know that your audience will response to that new brochure fold you came up with for the next event invitation so put that on the table as an option.

5. Understand current economic trends. If there's been big layoffs in the industry in which your organization is in think about that next marketing piece, don't just update last year's postcard. You don't want to send a message (even visually) that makes you look out of touch. And you do want to make the right investment to let your audience know you understand their pain points and concerns.

I do find amazing how a great idea can really move a client and get him/her on board! You just have to try and take the risk.