3 Steps to Create The Emotional Connection (emotional what?)

Yes, you need to create the emotional space between your company, product, or service and the audience if you want them to buy from you. And that requires to look again at what your purpose is. So these are 3 first steps you can take to get closer to that.

1. Share
I almost fell from a 5th floor window at 6 months of age.
I traveled by bus, from Peru to Argentina,
for 7 seven days, at age 14, alone.
I ran a full New Orleans marathon at age 33.

I just told you 3 things about me. Why would you care right? Well, you just learned a little bit more about me. Don't you feel more connected? Sure, but what does that have to do with marketing and design? Wouldn't you be more likely to buy from me if you knew me? Yes. So find something about the company or organization that's unique and that will speak to its audience. Then go out and share it.

Share your stories. Identify your values. Bring that to the decision table.

2. Identify your values
How many times have we been slammed with a project this way: "here it is, this is the text and here's the deadline for the new brochure. I need a draft by Monday." When you read the content, it's all about mere facts and a long list of what the company does. You know better that nobody will pay attention to that therefore it will not accomplish any goals. Our job as marketers and designers is to dig in deeper just so that we can create something meaningful.

Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, doesn't tell you "we offer a wide range of accessories perfect for every occasion or gift", they say instead "small gift, big smile". Everything that Sanrio creates is based on that unique philosophy and it's the basis for making decisions on product development, graphic design, promotional, vendor selection, distribution, etc.

3. Bring it on
In order to identify those values you need to know your story, that's where you come from and who you are. You will then carry those values over everything you do and all decisions that you make. Always have those values on the meeting table so when decision time comes, you and your team will look at them, and find the answers you were looking for. It's a process of honesty and humility which results will then be reflected into the end product or service. And that's when you spark the connection with the audience.

Share your stories. Identify your values. Bring that to the decision table.