What's Design Honesty Anyway?

What happens when the design solution steers away from the object or piece's main function? The answer is, it creates visual noise. Not only in the end solution but along the process as well. You will be able to notice that if the design review process becomes tedious, with infinite rounds of revisions, and end up not happy with the final outcome.

I have developed 6 tips that help trigger honest design:

  1. Transparency in the communication process, by implementing sincere feedback at the right moment
  2. Concentrate on the final experience and interaction rather than the layout
  3. Always focus on the ultimate project goal
  4. Develop story-telling concepts that create the emotional connection between your company/organization/product and your audience
  5. Detach from pre-established paths that might have worked in the past but are not longer applicable
  6. Self-question, "is the design a good design?". Even though the answer is subjective and difficult to measure, I would like you to refer you to Dieter Rams' 10 principles of "good design".
Dieter Ram's 606 Universal Shelving System, 1960. Source: Wikipedia Commons